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You will find here DIY (do-it-yourself) stuff in Electronics, Travel, Photography & Video and others that I will be interested in the future.   I love DIY, so, most of the things you see in here are diy.


diy Electronics Projects

At my early days in high school,  I fell in love with electronics tools and gadgets more than the tools in the beauty parlor nearby, and so, I started to have my first DIY electronics……… and keep doing over and over –  share it to interested DIY’ers  (do-it-yourself) as shareware and courseware.   You will find here my own design Electronics  Projects.  See DIY Stuffs


DIY travel & Videos

I go beyond simple Life.   I want a simple-complicated life with rich of adventures, experience, and fun.








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Fresh from my home-Lab :

a) SAMuC Enhanced

SAMuC (Smart Amplifier Manager),  uC (microcontroller) is a diy project for DIYers in the diy amplifier design and build., it composed modular boards :

  • Audio input Selector Switch Board
  • Speaker Protector Board
  • Class A self-powered Soft Start
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Audio Volume Level and Tone Control
  • RF Module for IoT Interface
  • intel 8051 MCU


b) The Nathan Power Amplifier Project – a high-performance class AB power amplifier with 3 versions :
  1. Nathan ID40  (Inverted DNY40W)  :  40Wrms/channel
  2. Nathan Amp Baby  :  100Wrms/channel
  3. Nathan Amp Train  :   set by the designer

Watch Nathan Amp Project Sneak Preview :

You can now avail the Nathan Amp Baby Kit.

c)The Arduino Automatic Test Equipment for the DR100W concept Project (AATED) –  first grasp with the Arduino with ATE implementation.  Watch all the videos :

Her is Episode #1 Video :



Shenzhen China Videos :

Shenzhen China is my 2nd home – a first tier and dynamic city in the Guangdong Province.  See  Shenzhen China Ins & Out.


And the demonstration of new tech like the Internet Of Things (IoT) :

More Video on Youtube