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The place for DIY (do-it-yourself) and DIT (do-it-together) stuff in Electronics (at most) and some of my Video and Travel and anything I and my friends would like & love to share. 1diy S-share, H-hobbies, A-adventure, R-research and E-education.

DIY Electronics

New : AMPduino Audio Amplifier Shields for Arduino Uno

At my early days in high school,  I fell in love with electronics, and so, I started to have my first DIY Audio Amplifier and keep doing over and over –  share it to interested DIYer’s  – the people who love to make stuff on the power of their finger-tips.   You will find here my Electronics  Projects.  


I go beyond simple Life.   I want a simple-complicated life with rich of adventures, experience, and fun in different places



1diySHARE comes from Baguio City, the highest city inTHE Philippines – a personal website & maintained by F. Dandy. Salamat sa pagbisita (Thank you for Visiting).