Dandy is Creating an Educational  Video Tutorial,  diyTravel and Events

Last 2017, I started to share my videos about my diy electronics project, my build, weirdo idea, especially my tutorials on Audio Amplifier and Micro Controller Programming.

I am also sharing my diy travel within China, the Philippines and around the world.   I cover some happening in my living place (China) like the Maker Faire,  HongKong, Canton Show and new tech and stuff here.

I think sharing my videos is interesting and fun.

I put effort to make them presentable with my low gear gadgets (Motorola Phone and tripod), I hope I can buy a professional one to make the video better and presentable.  I hope you can help me,  by sharing my video hobby so interested people can watch and learn from it, provide comment and/or support, interact and supplement my limitation.   With more viewers,  my channel will be boosted with more subscriber than what I have now.  Thank you!

When I am not at work, this is what I am doing :


My Electronic Tutorial  :








Youtube Channels :

D Stuffs – the Dandy Stuff, Travel, Events, Electronics & Tutorial, Lean Body, OFW Profile, and more

DR100W – a dedicated channel for the DR100W Class-D and hybrid analog + digital Tone Control & Equalizer

DNY40W – a dedicated channel for the Class AB Power Amplifier

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