A DIY (do-it-yourself)  and DIT (do-it-together) Audio project for AHS or Audio Hardware Startup created from a (1) wild imagination, (2) the power of my fingertips and (3) a little drop-off from my wallet.   Go to Audio Project List

New   :   AMPduino

AMPduino stands for  “Amplifier gadgets created from Arduino uno form factor and programming style”.   A 2019 project by www.1diyshare.com and www.gadgetslabph.com.    Currently, there are 5 intended shield for the AMPduino as :

  1. A3CS – AMPduino Audio Amplifier Controller Shield
  2. PeQs –  Preset Equalizer Shield
  3. 3BTCS – 3 Band Tone Control Shield
  4. 4Aiss –   Four Inpput Audio Selector Switch
  5. digiVOL – digital Volume Control


New  : Class A

The KAMPANA AMP Project with my friends (tony Tecson and Arnel Rabang) aka NATHAN WINTER KAMP is a class-A FET Ouput 5@/channel class Amplifier. Its origin is the Amp Camp Amp .  I go beyond the basic of building this class-A Amplifier that,

  • I do not use a large heatsink
  • I used Arduino for controlling
  • designed a dedicated shield for controlling
  • used a TFT LCD
  • keep the analog far away from digital stream
  • enjoyable and fun to build
  • shareware and courseware

SAMuC Series

SAMuC stands for Smart Amplifier Manager by Micro Controller. It is a Microcontroller with dedicated hardware to be used in DIY Audio Amplifier. When I learned the Micro Controller Programming, I often use it to provide life, power and control to my project in Audio, AKWARIUM and Security. There are 3 version I have here :

  • SAMuC, Basic with Intel 8051 high speed (no LCD)
  • SAMuC-2, Improved version with LCD + high speed 8051 core MCU
  • SAMuC -Arduino, upgraded version using Arduino Uno Solution\

NATHAN AMP Series Discrete Power Amplifier

Here is an amplifier that you would love to see and try,  a customization for

  •  Learning Circuit
  • PCB Assembly
  • PCBA Testing
  • Circuit Modification and Tweaking

It comes with 3 series as:

  1. Simple           :  Nathan Amp ID40,  40Wrms per channel @ 8 ohms
  2. Standard        :  Nathan Amp Baby,  100Wrms per Channel @ 8 ohms
  3. Rugged          :  Nathan Amp Train,  1000Wrms per channel @ 4 ohms

DNY40W Class AB  Discrete Power Amplifier

a dedicated amplifier learning kit for beginners, following the idea of Audio Discrete Design Hardware Startup (AD2HS) in class-AB transistorized design amplifier.   

Audio Tone Control & Equalizer

Analog, Digital + Hybrid Tone Control and Equalizer / Preset EQ projects. The PATC is a pure analog process tone control while the 3BTCS is an AMPduino project controled by I2C communications protocol (serial data)

DR100W conCEPT

The DR100W concept is a complete Learning package for (1) hardware design with Audio (2) Equalization, (3) PWM amplifier (4) Micro Controller Programming, that, I manage to make into reality along with my friends.

Audio Power Supply

Arrays of Power Supply for my Audio Hobby, the first is the PATC_SPS a +/-15Vdc well regulated power supply for the pure analog tone control project and a dedicated power supply for split powered amplifier (SPSA)

More Projects to come ! Thanks to comeback later for the updated projects.