my DIY (do-it-yourself)  and DIT (do-it-together) design as Audio Hardware Startup (AHS)  created from the power of my fingertips and a little drop-off from my wallet.

Nathan Amp Series

Here is an amplifier that you would love to see and try,  a customization for :

  1.  Learning Circuit
  2. PCB Assembly
  3. PCBA Testing
  4. Circuit Modification and Tweaking

It comes with 3 series as:

  1. Simple           :  Nathan Amp ID40,  40Wrms per channel @ 8 ohms
  2. Standard        :  Nathan Amp Baby,  100Wrms per Channel @ 8 ohms
  3. Rugged          :  Nathan Amp Train,  1000Wrms per channel @ 4 ohms


DNY40W  Easy Build Amplifier for STARTERS

dedicated amplifier learning kit for beginners, following the idea of Audio Discrete Design Hardware Starup (AD2HS) in class-AB transistorized design amplifier.


SmarT Amplifier Manager uC  (SAMuC)


Protect your expensive speaker with the Speaker Protector, perfect MAtch for the Nathan amp and DNY40W


Pure Analog Tone Control (PATC)

A pure analog process tone control that delivers  the best pure – none digitized audio signal


SPS +/-1dc 5vSplit Power Supply for the Tone control (PATC)

a dedicated split power supply of +/-15Vdc for the PATC project  (Pure Analog Tone Control) and other gadgets.


analog Power Supply for amplifier (SPSA) 

Split Power Supply for your  analog Amplifier   (SPSA) with maximum voltage of +/-60Vdc,  applicable for the (1)  DNY40W and (2) Nathan Amplifier Series Project


Digital class d  amplifier:  dr100w_PA

digital process (PWM) class – D amplifier with TDA8920TH and TDA8950TH, the recommended Class-D  Power Amplifier in the DR1000W concept project.


hybrid analog + digital tone control :  dr100w_EQ

analog process equalizer + CMOs digital process tone control,  the recommended Hybrid Equalizer + Tone Control + Effects in the DR1000W concept project.



digital control module for DR100W_EQ and dr100W_PA

digital controller for the DR100W_EQ (equalizer)  and digital class-D amplifier DR100W_PA (power amplifier),  the recommended Controller runs by Micro Controller (MCU) in the DR1000W concept project.