Nathan Amp Baby

Nathan Amp Baby Amplifier is the standard board and component in the Nathan Amp Series Project, with an output power of 100Wrms into 8 ohms speaker load,  using the same PCB as the Nathan amp ID40  (Inverted DNY40W Power Amplifier).

Just a reminder fellow diyer’s and hobbyist,  Nathan Amp Series Amplifier  Project is meant for  diy Learning for Starters/Beginners to build Audio Amplifier, I love to call it Audio Discrete Design Hardware Startup (AD2HS).


To complete the Nathan Amp Baby Amplifier Project, you will need a Split Power Supply of +/-50Vdc,  you may like to use :

  1.  SPSA – Split Power Supply for Amplifier  (Analog Power Supply)
  2. SMPS – Switch Mode Power Supply (Digital Power Supply)


Let’s see the Functional Live Music Performance :


Let’s see how I build my prototype with its aluminum casing :

Would your rather challenge yourself to build the Nathan Amp Train?