Nathan Amp Series

For fellows diyer’s and Audio Hardware Start-up / Starter who are looking for a :

  1. good sounding Hi-Fi amplifier (I don;t mean super strong)
  2. class-AB discrete design
  3. diy-c and circuit playground,

this project is for you.

The Nathan Amp project is a series of amplifier configuration following the concept of Audio Discrete Design Hardware Startup or simply STARTERs in Audio Amplifier discrete “transistorized” desing:

  1. Simple           :  Nathan Amp ID40,  40Wrms per channel @ 8 ohms
  2. Standard        :  Nathan Amp Baby,  100Wrms per Channel @ 8 ohms
  3. Rugged          :  Nathan Amp Train,  1000Wrms per channel @ 4 ohms                                                                                                                                (the experimental version)

Here is the video introduction to the Project :


Hardware Startup / Starter

Here is what I proposed in the name of Learning and as an Audio Discrete Design Hardware Startup (AD2HS).

Start with the Nathan Amp ID40, which is a basic circuit and with a power supply of +/-30Vdc, which is good enough to provide a concert level to your home with true power of 40W average (or rms power)  into 8 ohms speaker.  From the knowledge you learned, it will sky-rocket you to re-design Nathan Amp ID40  into a Nathan Amp Baby with 100Wrms into 8 ohms speaker load.

Well,  if you still feel not happy because NathanAmp ID40 and Nathan Amp Baby is too easy to do,  then,  try the Nathan Amp Train, and see for yourself what you can do.


Functional Test with Live Music

Here is the casing assembly video below.  I rushed to make the aluminum casing because I wanted to test some parameters which i can only do it while on the casing,  like S/N (signal to noise),  stereo separation, power capability when both channels were driven.

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Nathan amp ID40

Nathan Amp Baby

Nathan Amp Train