Nathan Amplifier Series

For fellows diyer’s and Starter who are looking for a  (a)  good sounding Hi-Fi amplifier  (b) class-AB discrete design  (c) diy-c and circuit playground,  this project is for you.  The Nathan Amp project is a series of amplifier configuration as :

  1. Simple           :  Nathan Amp ID40,  40Wrms per channel @ 8 ohms Speaker
  2. Standard        :  Nathan Amp Baby,  100Wrms per Channel @ 8 ohms Speaker
  3. Rugged          :  Nathan Amp Train,  1000Wrms per channel @ 4 ohms Speaker  (the experimental version)

Here is the introduction to the Project :

Here is the first prototype in its aluminum casing – the quick test

I am working smartly (behind busy work) to complete these project and I will share the best information it can do to have the same build, sound and performance as I have,   You may like to subscribe to the youtube channel to alert of any update on my video.

Thank you!   Stay Tune!


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