The Intel 8051 Core MCU

After 3 Decades, the legendary 8051 core (I should say, the 8052 core) still kicking and rocking into the world of MicroController (MCU) 8-bit arena, which is why I (we) still love it,  I madly in-love to use it and used in my DIY & customization projects for Amplifier, Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and other project I am interested in.

The most successful DIY project I implemented with the Traditional 8051 core (12 pulses per instructions) is the DR100W concept Project and its dedicated ATE.

The DR100W concept Project is dedicated to Learn the following :

  1. MCU Programming with Intel 8051 Core
  2. Hardware design, tweaking using Audio hardware
  3. Prototyping, Building hardware, Testing & Debugging, Reliability
  4. How to Make an Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)  to test your project 24/7

it is a music hardware, an Amplifier with modern Class-D amplifier design with Hybrid digital Tone Control + analog Pre-set Equalizer.

If you are interested to know more about the Intel 8051 MCU and its application in my personal DIY (do-it-yourself)  and dit (do-it-together) plus customization,  click here

The Arduino

Its popularity among makers, hobbyist, students and some engineers makes me suck into this platform.  To learn in quickly and efficiently more than just blinking an LED,  I tried to use it to make an ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) to test my DR100Wconcept project 24/7 without human assistance,  here is the link of the project which I called it  ARDUINO Automatic Test Equipment for the DR100W concept project or simply AATED.

STM32 – 32 bit MCU with Python Programming

Well,  there is always new stuff coming out, like MicroPython for STM32, and I am interested in it………… so, I am starting to dive into it.

I mean, shallow dive, like a starter in the underwater diving where you start with 2 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters and go deeper and deeper.  IF YOU ARE INTERESTED,  you might like to join me for the MicroPython discovery.   Thanks