220Vac Line / 220 Vac Socket :

This is our household power, it is 220Vac / 60 Hz in the Philippines,  220Vac / 50Hz in China and 110Vac / 60Hz in the USA.  It is available in our home  AC socket.

AC Power Controller :

This is a relay that can handle 10 Ampere (10Amp) of current, we used the relay to open (break) and close (make) the 220Vac line so we can implement ECO mode deep-sleep when it is not being used,  it is like you switch off the power amplifier with a switch.    But using a relay is much better so we can control it with a Micro Controller in a different way,  like   (a) manual  (b) remote control  (c) mobile application (APP).

Transformer :

The Transformer (Xformer)  is Megatron or  Bumblebee, this is a device that will convert the 220Vac high voltage from the household power into a lower voltage suitable into our Amplifier,  like  36Vac or 20Vac.  In the normal way, the transformer rating can be as follows :

  • Primary      :  220Vac / 60 Hz
  • Secondary  :  36 – 0 – 36
  • Wattage      :   300 Watts
  • Type           :  Torroid core or  EI core Type
Rectifier & Filter :

The Rectifier will transform the Secondary AC voltage of 36Vac into a pulsating DC voltage, normally the rectifier used in Power Amplifier is a bridge diode.  The large value capacitor like 4,700uF/50V  or 10,000/50V  is used as filter capacitors to smooth out the pulsating voltage from the rectifier.  A pair of 0.1uF/50V  is used to filter high-frequency component of the filtered DC signal.   The resulting of this block is a good DC voltage,  but it is not a regulated voltage.

Power Amplifier :

The power amplifier with the heatsink is the major block of our project,  where we monitor the DC offset voltage, not to output voltage of more than +/-1.0Vdc.  We also use FAN to cool down the heatsink.   The amplifier must conform to the output voltage of the rectifier + filter board.  If you amplifier supply is +/-30Vdc,  you must use an AC input of 36-0-36Vac,  this is about +/-50Vdc.

Speaker Protector  Relay :

This is a relay that will connect (make) or disconnect (break)  the speaker from the output stage of the amplifier.  There are 2 reasons why we need to do this :

  1.  Kill Noise during the power on/off stage
  2. Protect the speaker from dangerous offset voltage
  3. Protect the speaker if the amplifier gt crazy /  damage
  4. Remove the fuse in series with the speaker.
Smart Amplifier Manager –  SAMuC

This is an add-on module or device that manages the :

  • AC Power Controller
  • Speaker Protection
  • Fan Control
  • Remote control / Home Automation / IoT

It runs by a Micro Controller based on the Intel 8051 high-speed MCU, and driven by 1diyTeam propriety program.  Don’t be shock !

SAMuC is driven by a firmware wrote by me (us),  and you can learn to do that by yourself in a DIY way if you have the guts and determination to learn.   We are putting our effort to make DIY hobby as fun as possible with new learning and a new ingredient.

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