Smart Amplifier Manager uC (SAMuC)

The SAMuC Project is nothing new,  it’s just a combination of the following separate modules and combined into one module driven by an Intel8051 MCU.

  1. Speaker Protector + Delay
  2. AC Power Control / Standby Mode
  3. Fan Controller – 1 touch controller
  4. Auto Shut Off – Timer to turned off the Amplifier

Option :

  1. Digital Volume Control
  2. Home Automation / IoT


Its Features can be summarized as :

  • Micro Controller Brain, Intel 8051 high speed
  • Control AC Power, reduce standby mode current consumption
  • Protect Speaker from more than +/-0.85Vdc offset voltage
  • User delay hardware selection: 6 seconds,  60 seconds
  • LED flash Man Machine Interface
    •  Fast Flashing LED – Speaker Protect enabled
    • Slow Flashing –  1 hour timer is ON  (Auto Shut-off)
    • Steady – normal operation
  • Fan auto, remote control and manual turn on/off
  • Firmware Upgradable
  • Expandable
    • Home Automation Control CAI with 315 MHz / 433 MHz
    • Internet of Things (IoT)

Read More of the Features details explanation


Video, the basic function

System Block Diagram (SAMuC)

Read More of the System Block Diagram Details Explanation


Schematic Diagram (SAMuC)

The schematic diagram is 1diyshare propriety including the firmware,  if you like to have it to expand your technical know-how and you will intend to use in your project,  I will take you to the GADGETs Lab website (our physical laboratory in Dasma City, Cavite to make our idea into reality)  and,  please fill up the request question, after that it will take you to the download link.   1diyShare  would like, eager and like to know who is our friends, or soon to be our friends who will be using our idea and design.   Thank you.

Request for the Schematic


Video, implementation

SAMuC  Prototype #1 in green color PCB used in the Nathan Amp Baby XR.



This is the Prototype – I don’t use Simulator so I have to make my hands dirty and rock and roll with soldering iron.

I don’t use 3D rendering too, so I have to make use of the old fashion way

It was conceived to work with the Split Power Supply for your Amplifier or SPSA project – the lower carton mock-up.  The idea is a modular integration fo the 2 modules :

  • SPSA –  power supply for general class-AB Hi-Fi Amplifier
  • SAMuC –  protector for your speaker + Manage your amplifier

Not a bad idea, oh!

These are the 2 modules in an exploded view.  You might ask about that Module with spiral antenna – that is a 315MHz or 433 MHz module for accessing it by RF

Avail – Share – use ?

Well,  you can build your own hardware which I recommend and suggest to further improve your skills in real DIY scheme,  and you can use our MCU to drive your hardware.  Itts better if you can  DIY learn also to program a MCU like the Intel8051 MCU or an Arduino board.   I am doing a tutorial on the  Project –>  MCU Programming & Project section.

However, if you do not have time for the real bloody — hands dirty DIY,  you may like to avail the ready-made hardware in KIT VERSION (still thinking though),.

Thank you for dropping by here,  Salamat Po!  (Thank You!).