SAMuC  Features Detailed Explanation :

Speaker Protector + Delay:

The speaker protector is used to protect the expensive speaker from damage due to high excessive dc voltage (offset voltage), it disconnects the speaker when there is +/- 0.85Vdc on the speaker input.  Once it goes into protect mode,  it cut off the AC power supply of the Amplifier.  It served also as Noise Killer by delaying the connection of speaker during the turn on/off stage.


AC Power Control / Standby Mode :

With the AC Power Control will provide a flexibility of controlling your Amplifier in any of the following :

  • Remote Control
  • Home Automation
  • Internet of Things (IoT)


Fan Controller – 1 touch controller :

The current program as defined can control the Fan 1 minute after it turned on, and it can be turned off by the User manually or remotely.  A certain protocol can be program to match your amplifier performance.


Auto Shut Off –  Timer to turned off the Amplifier :

When choosing this function, it will set a timer with 1 hour time and after 1 hour, it will automatically turned off the amplifier into deep sleep mode, making the amplifier current consumption to be zero, the effective power consumption of the system will be less than 0.9W  compared to 6~10W  when it si not turned off.


1) Digital Volume Control :

By adding a digital volume control that makes use of a push button up (volume +)  and push button down (VOL -)  provide excellent style on your analog / digital amplifier, instead of the rotary pot volume control.


2) Home Automation  / Internet of Things (IoT)  :

With the power of  some gadgets and APPs  from the market that interwork with standard hardware, a simple tweak on the software can make this project to be controlled using

  • Smart Phone running an APP
  • Standard RF Controller

and possibly can interwork and controlled by the idea of IoT.

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