In this digital era, most of the audio gadgets are now digital process like digital power amplifier or class d, digital power supply or that called Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) – – – however, there are fellows who prefer the pure analog processing gadgets, which is why the 1diyTEAM comeback to the basic needs of an amplifier which is the source of power, the Split Power Supply.

  • Bundled with Document: Technical Know-How, Assembly, Testing,  Implementation
  • Recommended for Audio Hardware Starter
  • Large capacitance 4,700 x 3, total 14,100uF on each rail
  • High supply voltage, up to +/-60Vdc
  • Expandable to make a capacitor bank
  • Included Rectification and Filtering
  • With LED Indicator, used also a dumper to fast discharge power which is necessary when doing a lot of test
  • Standard faston-tab connector
  • Interwork with SAMuC  (option)

Where to use?
This project is intended to be used as Power Supply of an amplifier requiring a split voltage : negative and positive polarity, like +/- 50Vdc.   The maximum AC (alternating current) voltage you can apply to the project is 42Vac, with this input the output is about +/-60Vdc (dc = direct current).

Recommended for AHS  (Audio Hardware Starter)
If you would like to build an amplifier,, you should start to see first the Power Supply,  the higher the power the bigger the power supply you need.

In here,  this project is a Refresher course for AHS,  when you first experience how to solder, or practicing solderability, reading component, assemblies, testing and actual implementation.

I offer it with a kit version,  you can also build by yourself by shopping parts from your favorite Electronics stores.

You should build this SPSA Project which can cater Analog Power Amplifier from 40W to 500W with the voltage not exceeding +/-60Vdc.

Schematic & Circuit Assembly under construction, sorry for the inconvenience,  you may contact me if there is something!