This project is a split power supply with +/-15Vdc regulated output, an analog process with no digital stream. It is intended for Tone Control but it can be used also for circuit requiring a split power supply of positive +15Vdc and -15Vdc regulated.

  • Bundled with Document: Technical Know-How, Assembly, Testing,  Implementation
  • Recommended for Audio Hardware Starter (AHS)
  • +/-15Vdc regulated output
  • Expandable to make a capacitor bank
  • Included Rectification and Filtering
  • Test Point included for easy probing
  • Interwork with Pure Analog Tone Control PATC  (option)

Where to use?

It is intended for Tone Control with a split power supply, a negative and positive rail voltage of +/-15Vdc regulated.

Recommended for AHS  (Audio Hardware Starter)
If you would like to build a Tone Control to hook-up with your Audio Amplifier you should start to see first the Power Supply,  a well designed split power supply is required for Tone Control such as the Pure Analog Tone Control or PATC – a 3 band tone control with Bass, Mid and Treble.